Episode 3 - F**k You RussianAfroMan

In this the third episode of Crusty Pickled Grandmas, a "comedy" podcast from the nice folks on the Otlichno Server, we discuss:
The Best Swears (6:58)
TV shows and Movies you've probably never seen (32:39)
How to sneak a giraffe onto a plane (49:42)
Our opinions of Dream Daddy post launch (1:12:35)
and much much more!
TheCartooner https://twitter.com/thecartooner69
CosmicChris https://twitter.com/Cosmichris5
Poke https://twitter.com/PokedYourFace
Sheriff Blackops https://twitter.com/Sheriff_Blackop
Intro Song: Leslie's Strut by John Deley and the 41 Players
Outro Song: Hear the Noise by John Deley and the 41 Players

Mike Fieri