About Gobicker


What we are:

Gobicker is one of of those new age internet groups who make content. We are a small group of creators making what we hope is unique and diverse content for all audiences. There's probably something you'll enjoy between Not Really, But Kinda, Un-happy hour, Weird Man : White Van, The Showy Show, and Movies and Sutch.

Who we are:

Terry for the website 720.png

Born in a cornfield in Rural Minnesota and raised by Grease loving moose, Terry is our visionary CEO. without his editing and flawless thumbnails GoBicker would not be the thriving oasis of content we are today.


Born in whatever the opposite of a cornfield in rural Minnesota is, Chris is one of our our content creators and webmaster extraordinaire. His hit shows such as Un-Happy Hour and Weird Man: White Van bring in millions of hits each day.


She says she's from "Maine" but since "Maine" isn't a real place we have no reason to believe her. She does our art. Sometimes. When she can be bothered. Responsible for three renditions of Flesh Horse.

Kitt again.jpg

Kitt is the physical manifestation of Texas. He is the wildcard every internet start up needs. Without his radical opinions on Star Wars, GoBicker wouldn't be anywhere near where it is today. Join him every week on Movies and Sutch as he spreads his wild beliefs.